SPS Components package

systemPipeShiny Components (spsComps) package is a collection of custom UI and server components that are used in SPS main framework. If you see a component in SPS but want to outside the SPS framework, like in your own Shiny apps, take a look at these components. Here is a online demo of these components.


Read the developer tools main page, not repeating here.


{spsComps} can be divided into two major categories: UI and server.

  • UI: Shiny or HTML UI components, for example, a box, a gallery, a button, etc. With these most of components, you do NOT need a server, so they are compatible with R markdown documents. See the UI page and its source code how we use the components in a Rmd doucment. However, some UI components has server side functions, mostly like updateXXX functions. Mainly these functions are used to update/change the UI based on user behaviors. It is totally okay to use the UI functions without the server functions (you will get static UI).
  • server: can only be run in the Shiny server. These functions are designed to make back-end progress easier, extensions of original shiny Server functions.

Functions reference manual

In documents, we only highlight some important functions. Please read the reference manuals for details of every function.

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