spsUtil 0.2.2 Unreleased

Minor Change

  • checkNamespace now uses find.package instead of .packages function. The latter is known to be expansive. This improves the speed of this function in large library system.

spsUtil 0.2.1 2021-10-29

New feature

  • New function strUniquefy: takes a string or numeric vector and found all duplicated elements and add an index to the end to make sure all elements are unique.

Minor Change

  • Use faster .packages(TRUE) method in checkNamespace to find installed packages.

spsUtil 0.2.0 2021-08-11

New feature

  • spsOption has a new argument .list: set more than one options a time by passing a list of options and their values to it.
  • New function simpleStack, a simple stack data structure with methods in R6 class. Methods include pop, push and more.
  • New function historyStack, a stack data structure to store history steps in R6 class. Similar to browser, word editor or image editor history, stored data can be moved forward or backward by step(s).
  • New in-line operation functions inc, mult, divi, which are equivalent of 1 += 1, 1 *= 2, i /= 2 in other programming languages.
  • New function timeout, run expressions with time limits.
  • checkNameSpace has new arguments, time_out and on_timeout. This handles if the installed package list to large and waiting time is too long. Instead of waiting, when times out, directly return all checking packages as missing, but can be customize to other behavior as well.

Minor Change

  • emptyIsFalse now named notFalsy and its opposite is isFalsy, old name emptyIsFalse still reminds in the package.

Bug fix

  • Fix NA bugs in emptyIsFalse.

spsUtil 0.1.2 2021-05-05

Major change

  • quiet now can mute message and warning in addition to print, cat.
  • Rewrite checkNameSpace so it does not actually load the package namespace files. This has reduced RAM usage a lot.

Minor change

  • msg’s .other_color argument default has changed to NULL. When it is NULL, use no color decoration.

  • remove_ANSI now works on a vector of characters.

spsUtil 0.1 Unreleased

Major change

  • migrated from systemPipeShiny