• gallery gets a new parameter obj_fit. This controls the image CSS object-fit property, useful for image resizing, stretching.


  • New argument for tooltip and popover functions click_inside. This allows users to click inside the message, convenient for adding clickable content, such as links inside the message.


  • Changed the way to append gallery enlargement modal. Now uses JS to append the container to end of body instead within the element, so issues like #4 would not happen.
  • Changed the default triggering bootstrap tooltip and popover functions from “hover focus” to “hover”, so this works better with buttons. When clicking on buttons with tips/popovers, the tips/popovers would not constantly exist after click.

Bug Fix

  • Fix all font awesome missing icon names due to Font Awesome upgrade to 6.0.


  • Fix rds as requested by CRAN.

New Features

  • onNextInput, a server callback that is run after next input value change. A hack to address 3348.

New Features

  • incRv, multRv, diviRv: reactive in-line numeric operations, like i += 1, i *= 1.
  • For server only functions, now attaching the JS and CSS dependency by adding spsDepend("xxx") on UI is not required anymore, it becomes optional. This process is handled internally. In case this will not work, users still have the option to attach the dependency manually via spsDepend.

Bug fix

  • fix in bsTooltip and bsPopover, if text is defined in multiple lines and will cause js conflicts on calling the function. Now all line-change symbols are replaced before sending to js.
  • Fix some links and bugs in demos.
  • Fix text in shinyCheckPkg.
  • Fix Font Awesome introduced warnings

Minor Change

  • Better help and examples for shinyCatch.

New features

  • Add animateAppend, which allows users to add animations by pipe %>%

  • Add animateAppendNested, which allows users to add multiple animations to the same element by pipe %>%.

  • Custom loaders supported. A new type, "gif" is added to all loader functions. Users can choose this type and specify a remote URL or a local path to the gif file with the src argument to create their own custom loaders.

  • Rewrite bsHoverPopover and name it bsPopover and it’s higher higher wrapper bsPop. This function allow users to create bootstrap3 Popover with deep customization, color, background, text size and more for each individual of them.

  • New function bsTooltip and bsTip: add a custom tooltip to any Shiny/ Rmarkdown element you want. You can change color, font size, position and more for each individual tooltip.

Major change

  • Rewrite methods in addLoader class.

    • Now it add the load to the document when first time show method is called instead of on class initialization. This solves the problem that some elements are not visible on app start so javascript functions cannot catch the dimensions to do the calculation.

    • Add 2 new methods, recreate and destroy:

      • destroy will remove the loader from the app (client side)

      • recreate = hide + destroy + create a new loader, users can change type, color, method, etc and recalculate the loader dimensions.

    • to reduce dependencies loadDF, dynamicFile and dynamicFileServer are moved to systemPipeShiny main package.

    • Rewrite spsTitle and spsHr, now you can create colorful titles and horizontal divider lines with these two functions respectively.

Minor change

  • add argument to the animateIcon. Users can append additional attributes.
  • Now animationRemove can also remove animations add by animateUI and animateIcon functions.
  • Internal rewrite some functions so removed some imported packages.

New features

  • animateIcon: create font-awesome icons with animations!

  • animateUI, animateServer: add animations to any HTML/Shiny element, one is called from the UI, one is called from the server side.

  • animationRemove: remove animations of an element, call from server only.

  • Loaders: 12 different loaders to indicate busy status.

    • cssLoader: UI side function, directly add the load on UI when app starts

    • addLoader: server side function, add loaders dynamically and control show and hide of the loader.

  • shinyCatch: now has this argument trace_back. It will log detailed traceback information on console if enabled. Similar to Rstudio’s built-in traceback, it shows the function calls and file+line number if there is any.

  • Add target_blank argument for gallery, hrefTab, hrefTable, hexLogo and hexPanel: if TRUE, add target="_blank" to the link.

Major Change

  • gallery:

    • Change the object-fil of images from “cover” to “fill”.

    • Now image captions without link will be not clickable and color black.

    • galleries with enlarge turned on will still have hover effects on all images but captions will be not clickable and color black for images without a link.

Minor Change

Bug fix

  • bsHoverPopover now works on body tag instead of within the target element so that it will not be hidden if the parent of target has some overflow settings.
  • gallery: Fix the height matching issues by adding the caption height in calculation. Now all images should be in the supposed rows.

Bug fix

  • fix links in shiny demo
  • fix hrefTab and hrefTable incompatible with Rmarkdown by replacing the <a> tag href from none to javascript:null;.


  • Remove shinydashboardPlus dependency. The 2.0.0 update breaks progressPanel entirely, rewrite it by ourselves.
  • Remove shinydashboard dependency. Rewrite the CSS by myself to reduce dependency.


  • Migrated from systemPipeShiny

New features

  • Enhanced gallery arguments.

    • Now allow users to enlarge pictures in 2 different ways.
  • New textButton, text input group with button

  • New textInputGroup, text input group with icon or text on both ends

  • Better hover effects on hrefTab, hrefTable, gallery, hexLogo, hexPanel

    • hover effect change when there is no link attached to the item.
  • New arguments in updateSpsTimeline to allow users update up/down text in spsTimeline.

  • pgPaneUI no longer needs to work inside shinydashboard::dashboardPage(), dependencies automatically added when calls this function.

  • New spsCodeBtn function to create a button to show code in Shiny by a modal or a collapse element.

  • More styles and arguments added to spsGoTop button.

  • Rewrite some part of spsValidate, now it no longer requires users to return TRUE in the end of the expression. Anything returns at the end of the expression will be accepted. The way to fail the validation is to create error inside expression.